Frequently Asked Questions

What is Museums of Boston?
Museums of Boston is a collaborative organization of museum public relations officers, whose aim is to increase awareness of the cultural life of Greater Boston.

Museums of Boston is an organization composed solely of representatives from member museums, and does not have its own administration.

How do I contact Museums of Boston?
If you need information about a particular museum, please contact the museum directly.

Only inquiries about Museums of Boston membership, activities, and this website should be directed to Museums of Boston.

How can I take this list of Museums with me?
You can download a copy of our brochure (pdf 1.2mb).

How can my organization become a member of Museums of Boston?
Museums of Boston members enjoy listings on this website, placement in a brochure distributed throughout the Boston metropolitan area, and occasional marketing initiatives targeted to increase member visitorship.

For more details or to apply for membership, contact Museums of Boston.